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Geometric neutrality


Cylindrical ceiling light with stamped steel base. Its geometric shapes give it the necessary neutrality to be incorporated into contract spaces. Its satin glass diffusing shade protects the LED and diffuses light evenly preventing glare. It comes in four finishes: lacquered matte white, lacquered matte black, burgundy and metallic gold.


Ceiling lamp with stamped steel base and two heights. Shorter model available in even finish (textured white, charcoal grey, burgundy and metallic gold); longer model in two outer finishes: charcoal grey and burgundy with metallic gold interior.
Incorporates 11 W LED PCB connected directly to the mains, with satin-finish injected polycarbonate inner diffusing shade that protects the LED, helps distribute light evenly and prevents glare.


kr 2 600,00Pris
  • Lampeserien er designet av Jordi Jané.

    Dette er et bestillingsprodukt.

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