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Geometric equidistance


A series of ash wood ceiling lights, allowing you to cover the various spaces in the same living space or establishment. Their geometric shape makes them easily adaptable, providing the option of combining them with each other or with different sizes. The equidistant position of the light points, in combination with the ash wood, evokes calm and serenity in the surroundings. Versions are available with one, two or four points of light, combined with square, rectangular and circular ash wood shades. The polycarbonate rings outlining the spotlights may be chosen with a white or black finish. The wooden shade is attached to the ceiling base with a system of clips.



3.5mm thick ash decorative shade, varnished on the wooden side and black lacquered on the other side of the shade. Rear-base in machined steel. Finished in matt white lacquering (RAL 9016). The decorative frame is affixed with a clip-on mechanism. Polycarbonate injected decorative

EQUAL plafon 53, 6711

SKU: 6711
kr 3 600,00Pris
Farge: Ask med en side beiset matt svart
  • Lampeserien er designet av Jordi Jané.

    Dette er et bestillingsprodukt.

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