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Admiring chiaroscuro art


This frame creates a halo of light that emerges from its translucent tape design to create a play of chiaroscuro. There are three sizes of manually taped wall lights in this series, allowing many different compositions to be created, since they can be combined on the same surface to provide both light and art.
The repetition of the equilateral weave design brings serenity and peace to the atmosphere.



Translucent decorative lampshade by means of a handcrafted cinning system, in polyscreen anti-UV resistant on a pressed wood ring finished in mink lacquer (NCS S 2005-Y10R). Inner screen made of translucent polymethyl-methacrylate (PMMA). Rear base for wall mounting in pressed wood finished in mink lacquer (NCS S2005-Y10R).

LOOM vegg

kr 7 800,00Pris
  • Lampeserien er designet av Alex Martínez Mestre og María Alejandra Monroy.

    Dette er et bestillingsprodukt.

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