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A subtle connection


This light collection plays with the connecting thread between the glass tulip and the shade. The glass tulip moves lightly on the shade fabric, which in turn acts as an acoustic insulator. The magnet inside the glass tulip generates a magnetic field that subtly magnetizes the shade. It is available in three colours in pendent, standing and wall mounted versions. The different colours and types make it perfect for contract spaces where we wish to generate rhythm and dynamism.


Decorative lampshade in stamped steel. Interior with 1.75 mm
thick polyester felt, with protection against fire, class A and, sound absorption, class E (acoustic absorption aW 0.15) in light grey
colour, which performs the function of protection of the lacquer and glass.Supports for height adjustment of the lampshade in injected rubber, matte black finish. Glossy opal blown glass with injected polycarbonate support, mink lacquer finishes (NCS S2005-Y10R), anthracite grey (RAL 7016) and metallic copper (D2525 Tanami Sablé). Spherical neodymium magnet for inclusion inside the glass shade. 1.6-meter-long bipolar electrical cable. 1.3-meter-long stainless-steel cable.Back-base and wall fixing base injected in zamak. Lacquered finishes in mink (NCS S2005-Y10R), anthracite grey (RAL 7016) and metallic copper (D2525 Tanami Sablé).

Wire pendel, Ø24

kr 3 000,00Pris
  • Lampeserien er designet av Jordi Jané.

    Dette er et bestillingsprodukt.

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